Red Girl Green Girl / 2 channel video / 2005 / sound on / 04:47 / Pal

Red girl Green girl is a 2 channel video projection. the left side screen is a girl who dresses in green, and the right side is a girl in red. From the idea of the red light district at Amsterdam. To create a view from showroom where two prostitutes spent 5 minutes in the particularly time and space. Five minute's gaps in-between reality. Through the small details of the dressing, the whistle, and the little emotional connection between two girls, Grab the little clued to recognize their identity. And lay out the two girl's pattern images of their' living attitude, the big contrast between the inside world of them, and the situation of the urban city.

红女孩,绿女孩 / 双画面投影 / 2005 / 04分47秒 / Pal制