The times are summoning / 02min40sec / Video installation / 2007 / Pal

"The times are summoning" is personally relate from The artist's childhood. By filming a bunch of kids who do the morning exercise every single morning. Presenting a matter of fact that it was strike rule needed to be simply obey. Conceptually it’s heavy issue to carry that is indeed also the artist's experience. Moreover there could only be one action, one thought after all. But It happen to the generation nowadays, a completely different, unusually light reaction. In the video the backgroud was took out and cut loose from any of the contact of each individual student from the realistic materials, and stage them on line as they were standing in a space of nowhere.

时代在召唤 / 02分40秒 / 影像装置 / 2007 / Pal制


The Times are summoning from Meiya Lin on Vimeo.

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