Video Installation:
The Karaokei Goddess (video content) / 04:41 / Color / Pal / Sound on / 2006

The colourful Karaoke could be seen as a balancing counterpart. The singing girls are cheerful and entertaining. The set is full of decoration. But close reading arises comparable thoughts about destiny and our vain attempts of influencing it.
The Karaokei Goddess, consists of three small installations of rectangle metal boxes, transformed from small LCD screens. when every box plays, it casts revolving colored ray on the wall behind. On the front, a girl, upper part of body naked, is singing tunes with a mike. She is surrounded by fancy flowery ornaments. On three screens, three girls sing three different songs before three flashing beams.

影像装置: 卡拉ok女神 (影像部分)菲 / 04分41秒 / 彩色 / 2006

影像装置: 卡拉ok女神 (影像部分)苹果 / 04分11秒 / 彩色 / 2006

影像装置: 卡拉ok女神 (影像部分)陈燕 / 04分41秒 / 彩色 / 2006