Lost Paradise_Front (3 version with different angel shooting) / 03min / Video screening / 2007 / Pal

"Lost Paradise", the background sound is mainly the key word for this video which is very familiar popular communist song in China. Singing for the beautiful flower and the nice blowing spring wind. The tone of the song is bright and communistic cheering up. The general meaning is about how joyful to spend the time outside in the perfect communist society, and how bright our future will be. Basically the artist chooses most of the elements that sing in the song for the structure of this video. Which was transferred artificially to create one non-existing environment in a nowhere space, a space of lost paradise.

失乐园(3画面投影影像装置) / 03分钟 / 2007 / Pal制

失乐园是艺术家2007年上半年完成的作品。影片里艺术家将分别骑着玩具车的裸男裸女安置在一个虚拟的数码空间里。这个四周有各种热带奇树的空间象征着伊甸园,这一对裸男裸女自然就隐喻着亚当和夏娃乐。 背景音乐是我们从小耳熟能详的“让我们荡起双桨”。但音质上做了音效处理。这件作品林美雅运用了大量的数码电脑技术,把氛围达到了诗一般的效果,随着镜头的推进和抽离,观众仿佛置身于一个美丽祥和的伊甸园中,而作品的主人公,却似乎又神游物外,心不在焉,抽着烟,悠闲地骑着玩具晃晃车,然而他们各自头顶上地乌云始终漂浮不散,熟悉的曲子似是而非的荡漾着。

Lost paradise from Meiya Lin on Vimeo.