Emigrant Serial Number_2: Game / 13min35sec / 2007 / HDV / Pal

"Game / Passing the torch" is a film project in which continue the artist preview research about the emigrate situation in China. The artist offer about 25 people a 5 days job, they’re the group of emigration who used to stand in the city corner and wait for different kind of jobs. during those five days film procedural, The artist ask them to do a lot of game-like performances without explaining to them what is exactly happening. The main voice was shouting in the video to them all the time of what they should do, and what they should not do. by make up a lot of strange order occasionally, they're slowly involved into the artist world. and finally obey to one rule and one mind without understand it.

城市移民系列之二:遊戲 / 影像長度:13分35秒 / 2007 / 高清 /pal製

“遊戲/傳火”是延續了同一項目(城市移民系列之一:等)的第二部份影像創作,概念來源於幾年內藝術家對於有關城市移民生存情況的關注。在“遊戲“ 裡藝術家“雇“了25人在5天內以城市為背景,遵循不同旨令進行各種遊戲的拍攝工作。他們是一群從農村移民城市的民工,通常出現在城市各個角落裡,等待著別人給與的不同類型的就業機會。在這5天拍攝工作裡,藝術家分別要求他們做了諸多不同的遊戲表演,例如跑向一輛行駛的卡車,在吃飯時候大聲畫拳等等,但所有動作都是在錯位的空間裡面被強迫執行,整個過程並不向他們解釋究竟是怎麼回事情。藝術家的聲音持續的在影像裡出現。不斷向他們喊道在什麼時間他們應該做什麼,不應該做什麼。最終讓表演者在無法完全理解原因的情況下,服從於一個指令一個遊戲規則。

Game from Meiya Lin on Vimeo.