Dancing in the rain / 2007 / Video / 04min07sec / PAL / Sound on / 16:9 / 1440*1080

In the summer of 2007, The artist spend two weeks time with a local independent entertainment team. for a documentary research. "Kan Le" is the name of their team. which means healthy and happiness. they can entertain you with all kind of performances. depend on the different need. they could be the happy joyful singer for the opening ceremony in the morning. and then cry badly for the funeral two hours after. they storage all their necessarily instrument in the bus and travel all over FuJian Province to earn money with this tiny little transportation. this video is a sort of opening of the documentary film about them. by this video, I ask them to perform for me under two requirements which are difficult. On the boat, and in the rain. It will conceptually underlined how they could struggle for their living condition, how big the domination space of their profession can be extended. as well the artist was amazed by the unusual body movement of the "dancing" as they performed.

雨中舞 / 2007 / 高清影像 / 04分07秒 / PAL制 / 16:9 / 像素:1440*1080


Dancing in the rain from Meiya Lin on Vimeo.