Rolling Marbles / one of the four channel video projection / 2min loop

The meanings of words such as ‘secret garden’, ‘game stage’ or ‘circus’ and ‘playground’ symbolizes the endless extension of imagination, while the development of imagination very often lies in memories and feelings. The same as my other project ‘Bird Head and my Tree Shape Brain’, during this stage, the conception of the project corresponds with my thinking habit, which remains a inner adventure, to dig out various dotted elements in my consciousness and reassemble them. Therefore challenging ballet movements in Model Plays of the Cultural Revolution, and the cosplay character from the computer game calls ‘Sims’, coexist in the same space, as reflections of personal memories. These peddling details that are deconstructed into pieces by everyday life are reconstructed as symbols that have specified meanings. Complicated and dramatic emotional collisions are all laid out in front of the eyes. This world created out of adults’ experience and values, starts to show a completely different side under children’s kaleidoscopic view.