Roadside Picnic / Video projection / 05:11 / 2017

'Roadside Picnic', by analogize an outer space on earth, presents the aftermath of an aliens event where a roadside picnic took place by ‘the visitors’ and the scene implies that the artist, as the human, yet a outside to the locations who venture forth after the ‘the visitors’ have left, and discovering the reality which is anomalies, lies hidden in the landscape that are ordinary to those who created them, yet incomprehensible to those who find them.
The landscape is shaped by the kilometers long trucks that transporting the coal mine, the concrete structure along the motorway, and the train way in the skyline. Those objects are being created as beneficial to the modern life of human being, yet how they were being manufactured and therefore merged into such a mutated artificial landscape are far beyond comprehension. The reversed image carves an illusions scene made by those original objects and simultaneously interprets the actual landscape in a hyperrealism aspect.